Sunday, April 1, 2012

RPG Crosstalk Show 25

RPG Crosstalk Show 25

News from the Fora (where we briefly discuss things going on in the community)
  • Mom’s Basement is looking for games in development to playtest
  • Jennisodes contest (entries are due Sunday, which is the day our show will come out, sorry)

Springboard (where we each discuss a topic raised in a recent show from the community)

  • Rich - Character Death (from Designer vs Reality Episode 38)
  • Alex - Guilty Pleasure Gaming (from Grumpy Celt’s review of Plan 9 From Outer Space)
  • Dan - The role of failure in RPGs / “unwelcome content” (From Shark Bone ep 100 pt 1)
Vincent Baker blog posts on unwelcome content:

Also on the Feed (other podcasts we're listening to)

Chatter (a brief nod to something that interests us)

  • Rich - Introducing an old DM to new games and Skype gaming
  • Alex - Legend of Grimrock - the awesome-looking dungeon crawl indie game that just went into pre-order.
  • Dan - Game of Thrones returns tonight!

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  1. Perhaps we weren't clear enough when we discussed our reason for disliking Apocalypse World. We love failure in our games and even did a whole topic on it.

    What we don't like about AW is the lack of a push mechanic. There's no way to try a little harder and there's no resource you can drain to increase your odds.

    There's no way to tell the game system, or the GM even, that one situation or outcome is more important or desirable than any other.

    It felt like a roulette wheel determined our outcomes, because we couldn't even ask what we needed to roll to shoot the dude in the face. Instead we just rolled Hard to find out if our character shot the guy or made him run away. If we were really lucky, we got to choose which.

    Like a choose-your-own-adventure book that you don't get to choose cause the dice do it for you.